Our Origin

Everything started in the early 90s when a Polish engineer working at the blood bank center came up with the idea of freeze-drying chive in his back yard. Because if it works with blood plasma, it should also work with vegetables, right? And it did.

LYOVIT quickly became one of the major producers of freeze-dried herbs, fruits and vegetables in Europe also preparing ready-to-eat meals exclusively for some of the best Polish alpinists at the time. Years later the next generation decided to become part of the business by developing their own brand.

In 2010 LYOFOOD was officially born and we’ve been evolving ever since. The success of our first meal line called Expedition gave us the confidence we needed to take things a step further and bring genuine, nutritious and hearty freeze-dried meals also to daily life. The result is Bistro Menu – a healthy, 100% natural everyday alternative to low-quality processed food.

Our Expertise

LYOFOOD was born as a true brand focusing on authenticity and sustainability from its very beginnings. We kicked off as a small venture producing ready-to-eat premium meals commissioned by professional mountaineers and explorers and quickly gained recognition from the outdoor sports community. Encouraged by our customers we decided to start large scale production and online business. Few year later our products were already available in most outdoor retailers across Europe and our b2b account base has been growing ever since. Over the years LYOFOOD has earned the trust of not only major business partners but also top-class outdoor athletes.

Our state-of-the-art facility including a small lab unit is located in Kielce, Poland and the entire production process takes place in-house. We outsource nothing since we do everything – from seeds to the final product. Since 1992 we have been using the same unique lyophilization technology that keeps 97% of natural vitamins and nutrients intact in their natural whole food form. The production process is FSSC 22000 certified, which proves its compliance with the strict food safety and quality standards as well as ensures that our products are manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

We continue to learn about new technologies, study different processes and keep improving our products by cooperating with renowned experts in various fields such as sport performance, biomechanics and dietetics. As a food company we assume responsibility for protecting nature we love and value so much. Exploring issues related to safe and eco-friendly packaging solutions, process optimization and reducing the environmental impact is what we do on an everyday basis. Through constant research and development and thanks to the long-term cooperation with our ambassadors, we have become the leaders in the sustainable production of the tastiest, gourmet ready-to-eat meals. After more than a decade of successful growth we continue to face new challenges with passion and excitement.

Over the years LYOFOOD products have been recognised as the tastiest outdoor meals on the market, winning several international awards including the Gold OutDoor Industry Award. In 2016 LYOFOOD co-founder Laura Godek was listed in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 Europe Ranking. We have grown but the winning team and our values have remained unchanged.

Why venture into the city?

Constantly accelerating lifestyle and growing awareness of health and nutrition inspired us to redefine ready-to-eat food. As the focus on a healthy diet increases so does the need for convenient meals that are quick & easy to prepare. In the world of ultra-processed food demanding consumers often have problems finding products that meet their high expectations in terms of the quality of the ingredients and the absence of allergens.

After our outdoor-oriented LYO EXPEDITION MENU line became popular we noticed that our customers were reaching for LYO meals and snacks also everyday in emergency situations. BISTRO MENU was the natural outcome.


LYO BISTRO MENU was created so that you could

– sit back, relax and enjoy your meal when time presses..
– stay away from snacks and low quality processed food while commuting and travelling…
– eat a quick meal that’s both hearty and easy to digest before or after your workout.

Bistro Line

Bistro Menu originated from our long-term experience in producing natural, convenient meals for demanding sports people. The goal was to create a line of gourmet everyday products that meet all dietary requirements and face food intolerances while also being super quick & easy to prepare.

We selected two breakfast ideas plus five iconic dishes from around the world and developed their organic, allergen-free, vegan versions by combining technological know-how with our uncompromising approach towards quality.

Bistro Menu is a healthy choice under time pressure. Made with natural ingredients only and packed with nutrients rather than artificial additives, our satisfying meals will help you maintain your energy throughout the day plus save some time. Bon appétit!


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